Well-traveled, daddy-loving bottom boy and the men he hungers for...simple as that. Or perhaps it is more complex: I'm a 29-year-old actor, singer, dancer and entrepreneur who worships daddycock. This blog, with which I must admit I am fairly obsessed of late, represents all the things that arouse me, titillate me and, quite frankly, just make me hornier than fuck. Sometimes it's a hot, older, insatiable daddy who I want to fuck my faggot ass senseless; at others, it's a guy closer to my own age for whom I want to spread until he has to go back to whomever he's left at home...and I have to admit that I have a real weakness for married cock (wearing a wedding ring? step to the front of the line, sexy daddy). All inquiries are welcome and since I do travel a great deal, who knows where I might end up sometime soon (perhaps even in your town or city or village or hamlet or rest area) with a need for a big, hard, sperm-filled cock to satisfy my urges, needs and desires.


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This is how you know your father is interested.

Lucky kid.



This is how you know your father is interested.

Lucky kid.

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Sexy and he knows it…


Sexy and he knows it…

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Seeing my dad’s cock.



Never really post pics of anything other than us fucking.  So here’s the view from where I’m standing. };o)

If anybody likes them I may do some more! }:o)  Maybe some of me hard, sliding back my foreskin with pre-cum on the end of my cock?

Any suggestions are welcome. };o) 

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Damn. What I wouldn’t give to find him inside me…woof!

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